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Real Estate Decisions for Seniors

As we age one of the most difficult and emotional decisions we face is whether or not to move from our current home. The answer to this question is not the same for everyone. It will vary depending upon the individual situation. Statistics show that most decide to stay put, but is this really the best choice for you?

Many people do not want to leave their family home because of the memories they have there. You moved into your current home for a reason. You built many memories and you will do the same in a new neighborhood. Another reason is that many feel that moving into a retirement community forces them to give up some of their independence. This is a misconception. Most active adult communities have tons of things for seniors to do. As a matter of fact many claim that they became more “active” after choosing to move.

Family is another factor. It is much easier to age when we have the support of our loved ones. This is much simpler for everyone if the kids and/or grandchildren are nearby. Many will choose to relocate closer to family members as they age.

For many of us the design of our current home is simply not conducive to aging. Maybe your bedrooms are upstairs. Maybe it is simply too large to keep up with the cleaning and routine maintenance. Maybe the yard work is becoming a burden. Having these things taken care of for you and having a floor plan that makes life easier is the number one reason why people choose to move. With all of these things being done for you it frees up your time to do more traveling or leisure activities.

Can I afford to move? This is a common question among those trying to decide if they should move into a retirement community. Most communities have regular fees to cover some of the extras you are currently paying for, which makes it easier to budget your monthly expenses. You will not have to worry about unexpected repair costs, etc. Things such as monthly lawn care and routine maintenance costs can be expensive.

I believe that making the move to a retirement community should at least be considered by all. There are many types of adult communities from active to assisted living to full time care. The type you choose depends upon your needs. Once you decide to make the change¸ you should first decide on a location. Next you will want to find something that suits your lifestyle and provides all of the amenities you want and need. It can make your aging years much more enjoyable

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