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For Renters

Here at Liz Moore we do have a property management division handling a number of rentals in the area. Whether you are searching for temporary housing or have a property you would like to rent and have managed, I can help.  There may be other areas to search for rental properties depending upon your needs.  Call or e-mail me and I will lead you in the right direction!

Please use the Property Search on the right to view available rental properties.

Maybe you’re renting because you are only going to be in the area temporarily.  Maybe it is because you are from out of town and want to make sure this is the area for you.  Maybe you are working through some credit issues.  If you are renting simply because you do not think you can afford to purchase a home, please let me help you make a knowledgeable decision.  Rent prices have risen dramatically in the past year and mortgage interest rates are at historic lows.  There are still some great loan programs that require little to no money down.  It may indeed be to your advantage to rent, but it is possible you have the ability to buy a home.  Contact me today and I can help you determine this.